TePe and SCI collaborate in oral health for the elderly

TePe and SCI collaborate in oral health for the elderly

As part of their work to educate and raise awareness of oral health, TePe now works with Swedish Care International in providing educational information on oral care. The aim is to improve life for the elderly, their family members, and caregivers. 

TePe will convey their oral care expertise through SCI:s digital channels, which include the website DementiaForum.org and two smartphone applications. The content will be continuously updated with tips and recommendations on how to maintain good oral health for the elderly and their loved ones.

“Contributing to a better quality of life for the elderly is of great concern for us and closely tied to TePe’s vision of sustainable oral health. We are therefore very glad to be able to offer our expertise through SCI:s global information network”, says Helena Ossmer Thedius, Marketing and Innovation Director, TePe.

The fact that oral health is an important factor in maintaining general health and quality of life is emphasised by current research. However, with increased age, oral care can become a challenge. One of the most common oral diseases, periodontitis, affects around 50 % of all adults worldwide and is more prevalent among the elderly. In addition, millions of implants are placed on a yearly basis, meaning that many patients are at risk of developing diseases around their implants.

Accordingly, preventive measures and maintenance care is of great importance to achieve long-lasting oral health. 

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