Healthy gums – something to celebrate!

Healthy gums – something to celebrate!

Caring for your health also includes caring for your gums. This is considered so important that the gums even have their own day!

Some things to keep in mind as you celebrate Gum Health Day on 12 May:

Healthy gums don’t bleed when you brush your teeth. If they do, you may think that you’ve brushed too hard. The most common reason, however, is gum inflammation. It occurs as a reaction to a build-up of bacterial plaque, especially in the hard-to-reach areas between the teeth.

When you use a regular toothbrush you clean three sides of the tooth – the outside, the inside, and the chewing surface. But if you picture the tooth as a cube with five sides (and the root underneath), you realise that two of those sides are in between the teeth, where it’s impossible for a toothbrush to reach. That’s why you also need an extra tool – like floss, picks, or interdental brushes – to get rid of the bacteria and cure the gums.

If you don’t see an improvement despite thorough cleaning, contact your dentist or hygienist for advice.

Happy Gum Health Day!

Fact-checked by DDS Anna Nilvéus Olofsson.

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