As a company built on knowledge and education, we see it as our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future in every aspect of our daily work, following the UN Sustainable Development Goals as our guiding principles.

As the scientific support for a connection between oral and general health grows stronger, TePe's vision of life-long oral health and our aim of creating positive change is more relevant than ever. Since we believe that knowledge is the best empowerment tool for action towards long-term health and lifestyle changes, educational efforts to raise awareness of oral health are a big part of our focus.

Our sustainability work is a long-term commitment, both based on and stimulating financial growth. With the aim of becoming completely independent of fossil-based raw materials, we actively engage in the progress of eco-friendly technologies and sustainable materials in close dialogue with suppliers and business partners within the industry. 100% of the electricity we purchase comes from renewable sources, and part of our production is powered by our own rooftop solar energy facility. We also use eco-labelled products and recycle all production residue and heat.

Our policies support our sustainability work and guarantee high-quality production and safe working conditions across the value chain. We secure continued customer satisfaction and constant improvement through our systematic environmental and quality efforts according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. In addition, TePe is actively involved in the work of standardising oral hygiene products by representing Sweden in the ISO Dental Care Committee. TePe’s code of conduct is founded on TePe being run profitably with good business ethics based on transparency, responsibility, and dedication, which complies with the UN Global Compact principles. We work for pluralism and gender equality at all levels and strongly condemn all forms of victimisation.

Sustainability report

TePe’s Sustainability Report 2018 summarises our philosophy and collects the small and bigger steps we take on our journey towards a more sustainable future.

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Download the high resolution version here

Auditor’s Statement


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